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Professional Auto Glass Repair

With over 30 years in the industry, Auto Glass Solutions has the experience you need for high-quality auto windshield repair. We understand how common it is for elements to become airborne and cause damage to your windshield, especially up here in the harsh Edmonton climate. While some may think that cracked or chipped glass is safe to ignore, we feel otherwise. These seemingly minor scuffs can quickly lead to further cracking and damage to your windshield, causing dangerous visibility problems for your vehicle. The strength and appearance of your auto glass is of utmost importance for your safety and appearance on the road. Here at Auto Glass Solutions, our goal is to save you the cost of a full windshield replacement and repair your rock chips while they’re still minor. The expert service we provide is speedy and efficient, getting you back on the road as safely and quickly as possible.

Glass Repair and Replacement in Edmonton & Leduc, AB

Car Window Repair Services

Damage to any glass on your vehicle can be extremely dangerous. Driving with impaired visibility causes more blind spots and can lead to unnecessary accidents. Here at Auto Glass Solutions, we care deeply for the safety of our citizens and want to keep our roads as safe as possible. Due to the importance of windshield safety, we happily service repairs for all the various glass on your vehicle. We provide stress-free and quick repairs for the following:

Signs You Need Windshield Repairs

Though your engine and tires may be the first components of your automobile that come to mind when you think about vehicular safety, driving without a secure, durable windshield is a dangerous proposition. We provide auto glass repair services to provide a clear field of vision whenever you are driving and keep you safe behind the wheel. Your windshield protects you from airborne rocks and debris, flying animals and insects, and inclement weather. But some of those same elements can cause damage to your windshield. Be wary of any signs you need windshield repairs, which include:

  • Chips, cracks, or scratches – Though a chip or crack in your windshield may seem insignificant, it can still impair your vision at certain angles. Moreover, if left unaddressed, the minor imperfections can worsen and compromise the integrity of your entire windshield.
  • Altered appearance – Following an icy Edmonton winter, you may notice your windshield does not look the same as it did the previous fall. Snow, ice, salt, and contrasting temperatures between your car’s interior and exterior can cause changes in your windshield. Visit Auto Glass Solutions for an inspection each spring.
  • Missing piece – Though it should be obvious that you need repairs if part of your windshield is missing, you have no doubt seen someone driving down the road with a plastic covering. Do not put yourself or others in harm’s way. Seek auto glass repairs right away.

Importance of Windshield Repair

Your windshield serves many purposes, principal among them being protection. As long as cars have been on the streets, windshields have prevented road dust and debris from entering cars or getting in drivers’ eyes. Undoubtedly, you have been driving along the highway and had a rock, insect, or trash strike your windshield. Every time that happens, your windshield becomes weaker. When chips, cracks, and scratches appear, it is only a matter of time before your windshield becomes a hazard. Small chips can transform into large cracks due to air pressure and temperature changes. It is important to repair your windshield immediately so that you are safe from flying debris and can maintain a clear field of vision every time you drive.

How to Keep Your Windshield in Top Shape

Your windshield is among the components of your vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage. As you are cruising the open road, anything in your path will likely be deflected by your bumper, hood, or windshield, so it is important to be wary of gravel and debris. To extend the lifespan and effectiveness of your windshield, Auto Glass Solutions recommends:

  • Avoiding rock chips – While it may be impossible to dodge a rock that the vehicle in front of you fires backward, you can minimize your risk by driving at a safe distance and not following large trucks without mud flaps.
  • Repair cracks quickly – Minor cracks are relatively easy fixes, so call Auto Glass Solutions for windshield repair before a crack widens.
  • Replace windshield wipers – Old, worn-down windshield wipers can scratch and weaken your windshield, so replace them at regular intervals.

Why Choose Auto Glass Solutions?

At Auto Glass Solutions in Edmonton, our mission is to provide you with high-quality windshield repairs and get you safely back on the road as quickly as possible. Your safety and satisfaction is backed by our experienced technicians and the industry’s latest equipment. If you’re able to make it to our shop, we offer drive-through rock chip repairs. Our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to discuss the specific needs of your vehicle and make the entire process as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on finished products and will have your glass looking like new in no time. If you’re concerned about your damaged glass and want speedy, excellent service, Auto Glass Solutions is the team for you. Contact us today for a free quote.

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