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Lane departure warning systems are designed to help drivers avoid crashes caused by drifting into another lane. The system uses cameras and sensors to detect and evaluate lane markers as you drive. It will then alert you when your vehicle’s tires touch or go over a lane marker. Installing a lane departure warning system in Edmonton & Leduc, AB, will help you avoid accidents and driving errors and protect your safety and the safety of others on the road. If you regularly take road trips or drive for hours at a time, a lane departure warning system can help you avoid driving fatigue-related accidents. At Auto Glass Solutions, we offer installation, repair, and replacement of lane departure warning systems. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Lane Departure Warning Service in Edmonton & Leduc, AB

What Is a Lane Departure Warning System?

A lane departure warning system provides audio and visual cues to drivers that warn them that their car has touched or crossed lane markings. The system will not be activated if you have turned on your turn signal. The system uses cameras to identify the lane markings around the vehicle. When you cross over lane markings, the system communicates with your vehicle’s internal computer. This triggers an audio, visual, or tactile warning that could include flashing lights, beeping, or vibration in the seats.

How Does a Lane Departure Warning System Work?

A lane departure warning system uses a camera installed near the vehicle’s rearview mirror that identifies lane markings on the road as you drive. The camera is connected to your vehicle’s internal computer. If it senses that your vehicle is drifting out of its lane, it will emit an audio or visual alert. The system does not recognize curbs, and it only recognizes paint stripes that are clearly visible on both sides of the vehicle. If your turn signal isn’t on and the lane departure warning system camera detects that you are too close to the lane markings on the left or right side of your vehicle, it will trigger the warning system. Some systems must be activated by pressing a button, while others are always on when you turn on your car. The LDW system operates most effectively on highways and freeways, and some are only activated if your vehicle is traveling over 35 miles per hour.

How to Use the Lane Departure Warning System

As a driver, you don’t need to do anything differently while driving in order to use your lane departure warning system. At most, you will need to turn it on by pressing the appropriate button. Some systems turn on automatically when the car is turned on. However, you should be aware of certain challenges related to the LDWS so that you can operate it safely.

Challenges Related to the Lane Departure Warning System

Like any other complex automotive system, the lane departure warning system may present specific challenges that the driver will need to overcome in order to operate the vehicle safely. The system may not work correctly or properly under certain conditions. As a driver, understanding what conditions affect the LDWS will help you make adjustments while driving to maintain your safety:

  • Lane Markings – If the lane markings on the road are faded, damaged, or hard to see, the cameras may not pick them up. The LDWS will not function properly if it cannot detect lane markings. If you are driving on a road with faded, interrupted, or hard-to-see lane markings you will have to be more vigilant.
  • Curving Roads – The LDWS cameras may not be able to keep up with tracking lane markings on curving roads. Their ability depends on the age of your system and how quickly the road curves. Be careful driving on winding or curving roads and adjust your speed appropriately.
  • Covered or Dirty Camera – If the LDWS camera is covered or isn’t cleaned properly or if your windshield is covered by frost, snow, or grime, the LDWS may not function properly.

When & Why Do You Need a Car Lane Departure Warning System?

Using a lane departure warning system can reduce your risk of accident, collision, or injury on the road. They are often installed in semi-trucks or company vehicles driven for hours at a time. They can protect you if you are at risk of driver fatigue or road hypnosis after being on the road for significant periods of time. They lower the risk of vehicle rollovers caused by swerving the vehicle sharply and over-correcting. Keep in mind that if lane markings are not easy to see because they are worn down, faded, or damaged, the warning system may not operate as effectively. It should not be used in place of practicing safe driving techniques and remaining alert and aware of the roadway and vehicles around you.

Our Lane Departure Warning System Services

Our team of auto technicians has extensive experience installing lane departure warning systems in all types of vehicles. We can assess the age, condition, and electrical components of your vehicle to determine if it would support the installation of the LDW system. We offer professional installation, during which we evaluate the safety, performance, and condition of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. After installation, we will provide instructions on operating and maintaining the system. We also offer regular maintenance and service of LDW systems, including lane departure warning system calibration.

Schedule Lane Departure Warning System Installation

At Auto Glass Solutions, we have a team of experienced auto technicians who can handle any auto glass issue. We have over 30 years of experience and operate two convenient locations in Alberta. We specialize in comprehensive window repair services, including rock chip and crack repairs, ADAS calibration, side and back window services, motorhome and RV auto glass services, and windshield repair and replacement. We offer a hassle-free experience and aim to get repairs and installations completed with minimal downtime for you. If you want to enhance your safety or a loved one’s safety on the road, call us today or contact us online to schedule the installation of a lane departure warning system in Edmonton & Leduc, AB.

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