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As newer cars get more technological advancements, it is important to partner with experts when certain components need repair or are replaced. As ADAS systems became more common, Auto Glass Solutions adapted to the emerging technology and added ADAS calibration to our services. Newer automobiles have several different cameras integrated into various safety features. When a window in your car gets replaced, the cameras must be calibrated so the system works correctly and offers the highest level of protection. Dash cams, forward collision warning systems, lane departure systems, and rear backup cameras are all examples of cameras that must be calibrated to work properly. If you’ve had a window replaced recently, camera calibration is a required next step to ensure all safety features work correctly. We provide this service at a reduced rate to your car’s dealership, and all our calibrations are up to OEM standards.

ADAS Calibration Service in Edmonton & Leduc, AB

ADAS Calibration Basics

Calibration is the process of bringing the safety cameras in your vehicle back to OEM specifications. All vehicles undergoing window replacement must get these cameras calibrated to ensure all safety features function properly. Calibration helps the cameras sense how far away other objects are, detect which lane the car is driving in, and continually follow distance measurements correctly. When the calibration is out of sync, you are putting yourself and other cars at risk. Calibration is a general resetting of your car’s cameras in conjunction with the onboard computer systems.

The Risks of Not Calibrating

“Almost” is not a word you want to associate with any safety feature in your car. Because your car is relying on a set of computer systems and cameras, ensuring a perfect calibration is necessary to remain safe. You face liability if you have gotten windows replaced in your car and have not calibrated your ADAS system. Fortunately, Auto Glass Solutions provides OEM standard calibrations at a fraction of the dealership rate.

The Calibration Process

Calibration is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the model and make of your vehicle, calibrations can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to 3 hours. Fortunately, once your vehicle is calibrated, the process is done. For the safety and security it brings, the time spent calibrating is extremely important.

The Changing Vehicle Landscape

In 2019, we will see continued expansion in the use of ADAS systems across many vehicles, and the technology will only continue to improve. These safety features rely on staying current with updates to the computer systems and calibration. There are currently over three million vehicles with ADAS systems on the road, and this number will climb as time goes on. Having an uncalibrated system is too great a risk, so partner with the experts in Edmonton today.

Calibration Professionals

At Auto Glass Solutions, we have stayed up to date with the latest in calibration and ADAS technology. Our state-of-the-art services ensure your vehicle is perfectly equipped and ready for the road. We know it can be a daunting proposition when your dealer tells you how much calibration will cost. Our OEM guidelines help ensure all our calibrations are perfectly executed, so you don’t break the bank.

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