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Your Source for Premium Auto Glass Solutions

Don’t settle when it comes to the quality of your auto glass. Your path to a secure driving experience starts with Auto Glass Solutions. Trust our experts to restore maximum safety and value to your vehicle with window, mirror, and windshield repair services and products in Edmonton and Leduc, AB.

Your Key to a Comfortable Ride

Auto Glass Solutions has earned a reputation for exceptional work and customer care among vehicle owners throughout Edmonton and Leduc, AB. Your safety is our driving force, so we exceed quality standards to ensure all occupants of your vehicle ride in comfort. From windshield replacement to minor rock chip repair, we have you covered.

Importance of Quality Windshield Products

Windshields are pivotal components of a vehicle’s overall structural integrity. Windshields are a crucial safety feature to safeguard drivers and vehicle occupants. Faulty windshield products can lead to impaired vision, higher risks of damage and accidents, and financial burdens. For unwavering protection and total peace of mind, choose quality with Auto Glass Solutions.

Edmonton & Leduc, AB’s Leading Windshield Solutions

Choose aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective windshield solutions without compromising safety with Auto Glass Solutions. With an array of superior-quality windshield options from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, our services and products boast unrivaled durability, clarity, and protection. From windshield repair to complete overhauls, look to us for the highest standards of service excellence.

Premier Windshield & Glass Solutions

Choose windshield, window, and mirror services and products that set the standard for quality. As your partner in auto glass excellence, our trusted services include:

Windshield Repair

From rock chip repair to windshield crack repair, when your windshield’s structural integrity is compromised, we’re here to remedy the issue promptly and efficiently. Combining our renowned windshield repair techniques and premium products allows us to eliminate damage and prevent further deterioration to uphold the safety and clarity of your vehicle.

Car Windshield Replacement

From heavy impact to unresolved windshield crack repair needs, windshields can reach the point of no return. Fortunately, Auto Glass Solutions is here to remove your irreparable windshield and upgrade your vehicle with high-quality auto glass windshield replacements. We couple our exceptional windshield options with industry-leading workmanship, seamless installation, and results that boast longevity and safety.

Complete Windshield Calibration

Newer vehicles are equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). These systems add an additional layer of intricacy to windshield replacement or repair services. That’s why our experts offer complete calibration services to integrate your new windshield product without disrupting your ADAS, ensuring the maximum vehicle safety feature performance you can rely on.

Window Glass & Mirror Solutions

Beyond your windshield lies many other vital glass components that serve equally important roles. Auto Glass Solutions extends our knowledge and expertise towards alleviating window glass and mirror damage with trusted repair and replacement services, including:

  • Back and side window repair and replacement
  • Side-view mirror replacement
  • RV and motorhome glass
  • Truck rear sliders

Factory & Panoramic Sunroof Replacement

Even small sunroof chips can escalate into hazardous situations. Preserve your vehicle’s luxury features and your peace of mind with Auto Glass Solutions’ sunroof replacement services. With a commitment to first-rate customer service, we take on both factory and panoramic sunroof glass replacement needs with the utmost diligence and precision for durable, long-lasting results.

Trusted Insurance Claim Assistance

With over 30 years of experience, Auto Glass Solutions has strong connections with many Alberta insurance providers. We extend this advantage towards helping our customers navigate their insurance claims with the utmost efficiency. We take on your insurance paperwork and proceedings to encourage timely auto glass services that get you back on the road fast.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Windshield Services

Choosing a reputable windshield service provider is essential to the safety and performance of your vehicle. As such, there are several key factors to look out for when browsing prospective companies, including:

  • Expertise, qualifications, and experience
  • Partnerships with renowned manufacturers to ensure high-quality products
  • Reviews, recommendations, and past customer experiences

Your Guide to Windshield Services & Products

If you’re new to windshield and auto glass services and products, you may have questions or concerns. That’s why our experts double as your trusted guide. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to empower our customers to make informed and confident decisions regarding their vehicle’s auto glass.

What Types of Insurance Claims Do You Handle?

At Auto Glass Solutions, we are equipped to take on a number of auto glass repair and replacement needs. We handle insurance claims that involve repairs or replacements for the following auto glass components:

  • Windshield
  • Factory and panoramic sunroofs
  • Truck rear sliders
  • Side and back windows

How Do I Know if It’s Time for Windshield Repair?

Cracks, chips, and scratches are tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time to schedule a windshield repair to prevent complete windshield replacement. However, there are other symptoms that your windshield needs attention that aren’t quite so obvious, including:

  • Altered windshield appearance
  • Hazy windshield glass causing reduced visibility/clarity
  • Missing windshield components

How Can I Avoid Windshield Replacement?

Being proactive is essential when it comes to mitigating premature windshield replacement. To preserve your windshield, we recommend:

  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles to reduce the risk of rock chips.
  • Address minor damage immediately to avoid widening cracks and full replacements.
  • Replace worn-out windshield wipers to deter scratches and windshield weakening.

Choose Auto Glass Solutions

At Auto Glass Solutions, our services are synonymous with precision and excellence. From windshield repair to window or mirror replacement and beyond, our family-owned business sets the standard for quality. With over 30 years in the industry and a track record of success, look to us for a timely, efficient, personalized, and hassle-free auto glass experience.

Contact Our Windshield Repair Experts to Learn More

Experience the power of superior quality auto glass with Auto Glass Solutions in Edmonton and Leduc, AB. Trust our renowned professionals for the best in windshield, mirror, and window services and products. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about how we can enhance your driving experience.

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