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Your Comprehensive Guide to Winter Car Shield Protection

Auto Glass Solutions is no stranger to extreme weather and the obstacles it brings. With snow, ice, and unpredictable temperatures, proactive vehicle preparation is a must for drivers in Edmonton and Leduc, AB. Fortunately, we can help you easily gear up for winter using our comprehensive guide to winter car windshield protection.

Winter Care And Protection Of Car Windshield in Edmonton & Leduc, AB

Your Partner in Car Windshield Excellence 

Auto Glass Solutions is Edmonton and Leduc, AB’s leading car windshield replacement and repair destination. With over 30 years of experience, our family-owned and operated business is known for the highest standards of quality workmanship and products. From car windshield crack repair to replacements and preventative maintenance, we’re your partner in windshield excellence.

Winter Car Windshield Care Checklist

Extreme winter climates can wreak havoc on your windshield. However, with a little extra effort and some preventive action, upholding your car windshield’s pristine condition may be easier than you think. For preparing your car windshield for winter and combating repairs or premature replacements, we have created the ultimate winter car windshield care checklist.

Kick-Off Winter with a Car Windshield Inspection

Get proactive and start the winter season with a professional car windshield inspection. Windshield professionals, such as Auto Glass Solutions, can carefully assess, detect, and correct areas of concern to mitigate worsening issues. These preventative inspections are cost-effective solutions to lay the groundwork for a healthy, winter-resistant car windshield.

Address Car Windshield Replacement or Repair Needs Immediately

If you’ve been putting off a small car windshield repair, it’s time to schedule that service. Once winter weather strikes, freezing temperatures are almost guaranteed to transform tiny chips into large-scale cracks. Addressing car windshield repairs before the freezing temperatures can save you a ton of money on a complete windshield replacement.

Retire Damaging Snow & Ice Melting Practices

Melting snow and ice is tedious, leading many to reach for boiling water to expedite the process. However, this is the worst thing you can do, as exposure to extreme, contrasting temperatures shocks the glass, causing cracks. Instead, use lukewarm hose water or start your car early to let it warm up.

Invest In a Quality Ice Scraper

Using random, jagged objects to chip away at your frozen windshield can cause scratches and damage. Preserve your crystal-clear, blemish-free windshield by investing in a high-quality ice scraper. If you dread manual ice scraping, save hassle by opting for a car windshield cover to blanket your windshield from ice buildup.

Keep It Squeaky Clean

Snow, slush, and the otherwise wet nature of winter weather lead to an abundance of dirt and buildup, especially on a car windshield. Uphold the integrity of your windshield this winter by keeping it clean. This ensures your wipers don’t have to work as hard, reducing the risk of scratches that can spiral into cracks.

Remedy Windshield Chips

Low temperatures cause car windshield glass to contract. As such, even minor rock chips will be forced to expand, and the surrounding sides will contract in opposite directions. To avoid the hassle of having a small chip turn into a wide-spread crack, schedule a service with our car windshield chip repair kit experts to patch the crack before the arrival of winter.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

Similar to the concept of pouring boiling water on your windshield, exposure to extreme temperature changes can lead to car windshield cracks. Refrain from putting your heat on full blast when you start the car. Instead, moderate temperature fluctuations by gradually working up to warmer temperatures.

Keep Your Wiper Fluid Reservoir Topped-Up

It’s important to note that summer and winter wiper fluid is created differently. Summer wiper fluid may freeze when exposed to winter temperatures, damaging your fluid reservoir and wiper pump. Before winter, top up your fluid reservoir with wiper fluid that contains anti-fog and de-icing agents to combat ice, snow, and frost buildup.

Invest In Quality Windshield Wipers

Winter weather calls for high-quality car windshield wipers. If your wipers have seen better days and have to work overtime to clean your windows, it’s time to upgrade them before the cold weather hits. Failing to replace worn wipers can lead to scratches as your glass becomes ultra-sensitive during the winter.

Contact Your Trusted Car Windshield Experts

Winter car windshield care is the key to preventing safety hazards and costly damage. Get proactive with Auto Glass Solutions in Edmonton and Leduc, AB, before the cold strikes. From windshield inspections to rock chips, crack repair, car windshield covers, and replacements, contact our friendly team to satisfy your car windshield needs today.