Factory & Panoramic Sunroof Replacement Edmonton, AB

High-Quality Installations & Repairs in Edmonton

Factory & Panoramic Sunroof Replacement EdmontonHaving a sunroof in your car can provide an incredible sense of luxury and comfort, especially during the warmer months of summer. Unfortunately, when the sunroof breaks or stops working properly, it can be dangerous to both you and your vehicle. At our family-owned and operated Edmonton windshield repair company, Auto Glass Solutions, we can help provide you with efficient factory sunroof replacements, and we specialize in panoramic sunroofs!

We may be able to replace the following types of sunroofs:

  • Panoramic sunroofs
  • Auto power sunroofs
  • Built-in electric sunroofs
  • Spoiler electric sunroofs
  • Factory-installed sunroofs
  • Pop-up sunroofs

Our team would be happy to discuss the condition of your sunroof and how we can be of assistance. We can explain your options and determine the best solution possible. You can reach our knowledgeable staff when you call us today at (780) 435-7852 (Edmonton) or (780) 986-1600 (Leduc). We can schedule an appointment or provide you a free quote!